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Very Rare Polo By Ralph Lauren S/S Button up shirt with the words “Solution U.S.A 40/40 sewn on the right side of the shirt.

Classic Vintage Polo by Ralph Lauren “Cookie Patch” Knit turtleneck sweater in superb condition. These classic sweaters by Ralph Lauren were released Winter/Holiday of 1988. The sweater is a size medium (but fits like a large) 100% wool and made in Hong Kong.

This Classic Vintage Polo By Ralph Lauren Wool Toggle Coat is a size large and in excellent condition despite a little ¬†stretched threading on the top toggle hook. This coat could have originated in the mid to late 80’s or early 90’s

This here is a beautiful Women Lauren Jean Co. 1967 denim Jacket By Ralph Lauren. This jacket is in excellent condition, the only flaw is a button is missing from the bottom half  front of jacket. Sometimes a little defect or sign of extensive wear can be the deciding factor in what makes an item cool or not.

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