Fashion maverick, Designer , marketing guru and now photographer Shawn Lloyd gives a sneak peek of one of his newest projects that will definitely be a must have for all fashionistas. The “Labels” coffee table book will for surely be an page turner with all the brand eye candy- that pops right out at you in what seems like 3-D color! Shawn Lloyd has accumulated thousands of photos of luxury and sportswear labels (all from his widely extensive collection) and highlighted the item on the garment -which he says- has the biggest significance ¬†because of what it represents and encompasses. Everything the brands image portray¬†is in that small tag on the back of your shirt, yet so small in detail, sometimes it is overlooked.. The idea was to make the label tag the model and create a mood with each shot. The book is set for release in the first quarter of 2011 in limited edition hardcover and paperback copies.